Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Exemplifies Accurate Success and Generousness

Tertiary institutions of understanding are established with the aim of giving any pupil who registers very sound and qualitative education in order to work

effectively, become productive and carry through one’s fantasies. With a fervent desire to produce a conducive environment for education and learning in our colleges, Pastor

Chris Oyakhilome D SC. DD contributed Chris Oyakhilome to his alma mater, a 650 ability ultra-modern theater, provided the students with multi purpose Christ Embassy solar lamps in the college hostels

Equipped with radio and phone charging solar street lights for secure and easy movement at nighttime, and capacity for studying at night. Little wonder, he was conferred with

DD is the founding president of Believers’ Loveworld Integrated, also called “Christ Embassy”. With over 30 years as pastor,

Teacher, healing minister, the tele – evangelist and bestselling author has helped millions experience a purposeful and victorious life in God’s term. He’s the writer

Of “Rhapsody of Worlds”, study guide and the number-one daily devotional read around the world in over 700 languages of the world. He’s authored over

30 books which have significantly impacted lives internationally. He established the first network that was Christian from Africa which has created three top satellite networks specifically:

LoveWorld Television stationed in LoveWorld SAT in South Africa, great britain and LoveWorld Plus in Nigeria.

His dedication reconstruct countries and to continuously change lives has led the lives of pupils to improve in the Ambrose Alli University once known as Bendel

State University, in Edo state Nigeria. With these endeavors, he’s provided an enabling environment which will improve help pupils to reach, academic excellence

Keep their core and their fundamental mission values. University authorities and the scholars are ever indebted for these contributions that are exceptional by

Alumnus that is dominant.

Really, Pastor Chris lives accurate to the principle of achievement which forms his ideology for fire devotion to enhancing societies ; ‘looking out for a need and that is human

reaching out to meet that need’.

Healing College Ambassador Retains Outreach in South Africa

The Therapeutic School of Christ Embassy is a spot where impossibilities don’t exist; a place where hope comes alive and something can happen. Through the years, thousands

Have attended periods at the Healing College, where their lives were transformed and translated through the power of God’s Term to raised kingdoms of glory.

Each wonder is a ripple in the water; also, fixed and transformed, and the students return to their dwellings stuffed with a new passion to become healers and preachers of

the Gospel inside their worlds.

One particular beacon of mild is a pupil who attended the Recovery School where she was cured of hyperthyroidism, Siphiwe Kotza, hypoglycaemia, dysphonia,

Dysphagia, dehydration that is recurrent, acute depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe neck muscles spasm and tension. Before attending the Recovery School, she

As a result of her wonder, Siphiwe is now a Therapeutic College ambassador, impacting others with the therapeutic anointing she, and propagating the Gospel of Jesus to all

She organises outreaches in different cities across several cities in Southafrica, where she presents her testimony as proof that such a thing is possible to the one

During among such outreaches which had over a hundred people in attendance, she shared her story and then continued to show the power of

By ministering to the ill the anointing. She went farther and encouraged them to enroll for and attend a Therapeutic School session.

The 2016 Healing School Summer Session commenced on the 29th of July, 2016, in Toronto, Canada. Join now that is Siphiwe, invite and enroll someone to go to the Healing

School Summer Session.

The Miracle Faith Seminar is an out-reach of the Healing School, to thousands in cities and countries, in collaboration with Christ Embassy churches around the world.

Through amazing times of fellowship and amazing teachings on religion, healing and divine well-being, many have their faith strengthened to obtain miracles. Glorious

testimonies abound in the lives of individuals who attend these programmes and are ministered to by the Spirit of the Lord.

When Christ Embassy Madagascar sponsored the Wonder Faith Seminar in the city the folks of Antananarivo, Madagascar, experienced this programme that was excellent.

Special visitation and a time of transfer to a new amount.

The Seminar lasted for three days, with numerous people trooping into the place every day. They were complete of therefore much anticipation; starving and excited for a new

Revelation of Spirit and the Term of God. The attendees were prepared to get the load of God’s approvals at each of the assemblies.

Gauguin Kleynhans, a young man who was healed of leukaemia at the Healing College, shared the testimony of his magnificent wonder. His life was transformed

At the Recovery School, ministered to him after the guy of God Chris. Nondumiso Mkhize, also a former student of the Healing College testified of God’s love and

How she was healed of tuberculosis of the back when she came to the Recovery School several years ago.

Edifying the attenders with the word of God, the curate of Christ Embassy Madagascar, Pastor Mmakola Keletso, taught as a life of beliefs on the essence of Christianity

and victory by the Spirit. He also ministered specially to the ill with power and authority in the title of Jesus.

Madagascar will never function as same again, as several gave their hearts when the altar c all was created, and were stuffed with the Holy Ghost. Indeed, a

New season of triumph and unprecedented victories has begun for the folks of the lovely country.


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