A Young Man Is Treated of Mental Illness

A important story out of Nigeria; Athule Apleni, a young and vivacious pupil started losing his head and acting towards everyone without, until his family determined to have him assessed. The investigation revealed he was plagued with schizophrenia and psychosis. The state progressed, as the years wore on, and his education and ability, subsequently, influenced to speak with people. In the hope of having his son restored to him, he was brought by Athule’s daddy to the Healing School.

He testifies, “everything has been going well Since I left the Healing School; the chances I’ve received and my studies have just been perfect. I will see the greatness of God in my life; I am a new person.”

Also, the Trauma Care International Foundation an affiliate of the Healing Chris Oyakhilome School ran a Basic Emergency Response Training for the motorists of logistics company and a major interstate transport. This action was prompted due to the numerous event of traffic crashes on many highways, the routes majorly used for interstate transfer; and additionally because motorists who travel across these roads in many cases are accountable for the lives of the passengers and should so have decent knowledge on trauma care.

The business seen by the TCIF team was God is Good Motors Nigeria, in Lagos State. The training focused on teaching the drivers to capably activate emergency response and provide first responder pre-hospital care to casualties from victims and road crashes of common medical emergencies which they may encounter in the course of their work. The drivers participated in each crisis scene reconstructed and gave their full attention. It was an enlightening and enjoyable section, also interactive, as the team gave room to participants to ask questions.

At the end of the training, the direction staff and the drivers expressed their sincere thanks to the TCIF team for the training session, declaring it to be a noteworthy investment in equipping them to better handle crises, consequently enhancing their work and service quality.

Additionally, a wide-ranging ripple effect has been caused by the Ministers’ Visitation Program of the Healing School as the participants of the plan not only change their local assembly and immediate locality, but also other cities and nations and immediate locality and their local assembly, but also other cities and countries and immediate vicinity, but also their local assembly of the world. This impact resulted in Nicaragua in a special Pastors’ & Leaders’ Conference. United Kingdom

Believers Loveworld

Unit C2 Thamesview Business Centre

Barlow Way


RM13 8BTIt was an encounter of the glorious outpouring of the Spirit for 3 days.

In his teaching, he presented that Christ is the significance of our fellowship with the Holy Spirit; he expounded on who the Christian is and what he can do; and the reply to all that any man needs. It was a wonderful time as those present in the hall received a fresh infilling of the Spirit with testimonies coming in from the TV and on-line audience in astonishing numbers.

Ministers present at the studio received Pastor Chris Digital Library that was free and the Healing School Magazine in Spanish, in addition to free copies of Rhapsody of Realities {coupons, courtesy of the esteemed BLW global partners, as well as the coupons that were offered.

To end the summit, Rev. Tom poured out blessings upon Nicaragua and the Central America nations. thanks to the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, to the participating states for this great impact. Nicaragua and Central America will chris oyakhilome never be ; this exepreince will have changed them forever.


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