Breaking Info; The Ever Continuing Spread of Christ’s Testimony Throughout the Globe.

The Plan of the Healing School has brought many ministers have been brought by the Ministers’ Visitation Program of the Healing School under the influence of the Word and the Spirit of God. It has been a Christ Embassy splendid path about them to experience the amazing manifestations of the power of God, and they haven’t been quiet about it. They have pastor chris made it a mandate to spread the great news about redemption and healing everywhere they go.

Two ministers inspired by the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, took the Gospel to the folks of Pune in India. From street to street, and house to house, they went on a beautiful day, preaching the Gospel and distributing free copies of Rhapsody of Realities. It was an awe-inspiring evangelical strategy.

One of the ministers, Pastor John Xavier, used posts in the Rhapsody of Realities to awaken hope and faith in the hearts of those he preached to. He fell upon a woman who was beset by the pressures of life, he discussed in the devotional that explained God’s Word about her situation with her one of the themes. The woman was filled with joy, strength and renewed hope after the ministration, and she testified with confidence that her life could not be exactly the same. Pastor John also came across numerous Hindus, whom he got them born again too and gave the free copies of Rhapsody of Realities to.

As the harvest of souls was really plenteous, it was a day heaven for all to rejoice. United Kingdom

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RM13 8BTGlory to God for his mercies.

Bucharest, the largest city in Romania, as well as the state’s ethnic and industrial center, witnessed a great manifestation of the presence of God as members of the Strategic Partnering Ministries Initiative (SPMI) – an offshoot of the Healing School – coordinated a number of soul winning efforts.

Headed by Pastor Razvan Mihailescu, these outreaches were targeted by the team to the people of Bucharest, particularly people that have unique needs, such as for example people in prisons and hospitals; they also took to the streets during these campaigns. The Spirit of the Lord worked in them enormously as they went Pastor Chris Oyakhilome about restoring hope helping souls receive redemption, and refreshing others with the Word, and ministering healing to the sick.

In the penitentiaries, the ministers brought the infallible Word of God and led prison inmates to Christ; about 10 female offenders were treated during the ministration. The inmates were fulfilled, alert with the consciousness that Christ in their hearts is the expectation of glory, satisfied, and so joyful.

Capping off their efforts was the hospital outreach, that has been a religion awakening encounter for the ministers.

The ministers distributed several free copies of Rhapsody of Realities throughout these outreaches, buttressing the importance of keeping focus. From patients to medical employees, from the convicts to the wardens; everyone got a copy of the devotional.

God’s existence is overtaking all of Bucharest and His Word is prevailing mightily. Because God has just started a superb work within them, ears will tingle at the testimonies not yet been created in this city. Hallelujah!

It was a date with destiny for the folks in Empangeni, South Africa when a two-day edition of the Healing School Miracle Religion Seminar held in their town. The Seminar had in attendance a great amount of individuals who were ready to see demonstrations of the power of God in a a fresh way, and came with lots of expectations.

The choir led the congregation in uplifting sessions of worship and praise, and stirred up the atmosphere. The testimony segment opened the hearts and eyes of the folks to see the wondrous deeds of God, and inspired them to make religion statements about their bodies. Among the testifiers, Siphiwe Kotza, expressed gratitude to God for her miraculous healing from hypoglycaemia, dysphonia, dysphagia, recurrent dehydration, post-traumatic stress disorder, intense depression, acute neck muscles spasm and tension; her life changed when she came to the Healing School. Another former student, Nokulunga Mhlongo, also shared her account of newfound liberty since she met with the man of God and was cured of spiritual attacks and depression.

The lives and destinies of over 500 attendees are transformed beyond their imagination; {they’ll never be the same and their beliefs continues to be inspired to create lasting results for them|their religion was inspired to create lasting results, and they’ll be altered forever..


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