Rome Experienced the Supernatural Work of God in The Miracle Faith Seminar

A new movement has been begun by the Spirit of God all over the continents of the world, and there is a great demonstration of who God is, and His plans for His kids  an outreach of the Healing School, in the Miracle Faith Seminars. The capital of Italy, Rome, was one of the primary cities to witness the outpouring of the astonishing in Europe.

Hosted by Christ Embassy Rome, this edition of the Miracle Religion Seminar held for two days that were amazing. Each session started with inspired moments of worship, along with the folks were overwhelmed by the awesomeness of God as they opened their hearts and lifted up their hands to bless the name of the Lord.

This followed by spectacular testimonies of previous Healing School pupils. Cynthia Emmanuels, of how she was cured of hypertension and liver disease shared. She’d suffered with this state for FIVE years until she came to the Healing School. Now, she can do anything she wants to do and is completely free. Asanda Gosa was also in attendance along with her miracle baby; she sang God’s praises of being healed of infertility when she came to the Healing School, as she testified.

Within an inspirational message titled ‘ to Live, the host pastor, Pastor Miracle Owigho Daniel, exhorted the congregation on the ability of the need for applying it and God’s Word. The people had a clearer understanding of how their faith were enthusiastic to place all they’d learnt to work and colligate them with God.

Several were treated of health states that were distinct during special ministrations of the Spirit, and many gave their hearts to Christ a brand new life has started.


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