{Pastor Chris and His Ministry Delivers the Gospel to the World

Pastor Chris founded Believer’s Loveworld Ministry in Lagos,and is famous for his philanthropy and outreach.

With over one million Facebook supporters and 30 million more by himself sociable networking website, Christians from around the world have found enjoy following Pastor Joe on the web. He also possesses an individual message program, KingsChat, that he utilizes to reach a lot more supporters. He often meets Pastor Chris and greets his fans at seminars in several countries in Africa, great britain and North-America.

What Pastor Chris is best known for is his belief healings. Greater Chris Oyakhilome than Chris Oyakhilome 2.5 million people have tuned in to watch him perform wonders, strengthening the beliefs of his followers and getting more believers to Christ. He’s featured on Loveworld TV, Loveworld satellite and LoveWorld Plus—a few of the most of the most saw spiritual programming in Nigeria and surrounding states.

His ministry also serves the requirements children in the region. His nonprofit organization, “Inner-City Quests for Children,” is only one of his cathedral ways of giving again. The ministry also runs “The Therapeutic School,” and he has penned a book called, “Rhapsody of Realties.” The publication, which has been read worldwide, has been translated over 600 times.

Pastor Joe is probably one of the most revered ministers on the planet, and his ministry continues Pastor Chris to talk about the delight of the Gospel to the planet.

Pastor Joe creates a commitment to giving Pastor Chris Oyakhilome again, and nourishes young talent in his “Future Africa Frontrunners” awards program. Every year, the ministry picks young Africans that have exhibited leadership qualities and think of inventive approaches to boost existence in many African nations.


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