God Embassy Church Disowns “Spritual Son” Claims

Claims by way of a cleric based in Gweru, purporting that he was a spiritual child of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are rubbished by the God Embassy Church in Zimbabwe. Guy Freeman Chris Oyakhilome Siyawareva had before on help with an appeal that he was linked to the leading Nigerian Minister in that respect.

Pastor Chris’ Chapel took to the net via its official website to distance itself from Chris Oyakhilome the Gweru cleric. Furthermore, via exactly the same publication, the Cathedral in Zimbabwe also disclaimed any relationship with Guy Freeman Siyawareva’s Cathedral: Living Flames Christian Middle.

While referencing articles published in a local paper, the highly-regarded Cathedral documented that the Living Flames Christian Center made an error in its alterations.

God Embassy cathedral, through the net, expected to pass over a Pastor Chris Oyakhilome corrective statement on the situation. The Cathedral made it clear that Guy Freeman Siyawareva is not linked with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome along with the chapel. The record also travelled farther to outline that there’s no existing relationship and collaborations between the two entities possibly in a religious method or otherwise.

Pastor’s Joe establishment pronounced that Chris Oyakhilome the actions of Living Flames Christian Pastor Chris Centre and its particular leader Man Siyawareva ought to be advised and guided accordingly.

Guy Siyawareva was seen recently in Pastor Chris the Zimbabwean capital of Harare while he was found two of his new novels. Both books are called “my new life in Christ” and “things Jesus did for every believer”.

Evangelist Chris’ chapel also said that it should really be taken into account that Pastor Bob, who also functions as the founder and head of the ministry, has composed and printed a sponsor of novels. These novels may include but not restricted to:

-Seven things the Sacred Character is going to do in you

-Seven points the Holy Spirit can do for you

-since you are delivered again

They can be entitled “the new man in Jesus” and “newness of existence” respectively.

The discipline by Pastor Bob’ chapel was introduced out in a very timely way amid expanding curiosity about what Guy Siyawareva intended in his claims.


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