Chris Oyakhilome Includes A Warning For Comedians

Well known pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not any stranger to the the news. This time the popular pastor had a Pastor Chris Oyakhilome significant warning for the comedians around the globe to avoid making jokes about one particular matter, pastors. The Leader of Believers Love Planet was speaking in a Sunday Support for the corporation when he said he’d a message for comedians. His words made statements as he clarified that making Pastor Chris fun of pastors is only going to result in negative impacts for the comic’s life. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome travelled to state that making fun of pastors is making fun of a sacred thing. By building a jest, they may be decreasing the value and sacredness of the part of a curate.

The support was Pastor Oyakhilome broadcasted around the planet in several continents and live-streamed online. The opinions were reported by several media outlets, including the Daily Independent. Just last month, a different one of his emotive sermons was aired. His address explained that he thought true followers of God are completely sin free. Yet again, he dedicated to the function of pastors and explained that these Pastor Oyakhilome men cannot commit failure simply Oyakhilome because they have been put on this road By-God.

Despite some locating his comments controversial, the curate proceeds to have a big following and effective evangelical livelihood. The reverend is known for big assemblies with hundreds in Oyakhilome attendance. His solutions are more than a sermon, they also typically contain shows from a number of the largest names in gospel music.


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