The Christ Embassy & Pastor Joe: Espousing the Word & Universe of God

The ministry is set to to create the divine presence of God to everyone. The ministry wants Pastor Chris the world to embrace and feel the Holy Spirit along with the benefits of understanding God. When and wherever possible, the ministry and its particular people attempt to deliver divine guidance, helping man, woman and kid come into the deserved inheritance of fulfilling God’s fantasy.

The Embassy operates under the guidance of Pastor Chris. Pastor Chris has enjoyed a career with Lord that crosses over two decades. He’s illustrated his faith through education, healing, speaking and showing Pastor Chris Oyakhilome how everything associates to Oyakhilome God. He’s a well-known presence on video and is a bestselling author, including “The Chris Oyakhilome Ability of the Mind,” “Praying the Right Way” and “Your Rights in God.” He could be the force of nature supporting the Long Run Africa Leaders Prizes, a business that recognizes youth leadership in African communities. Through his works, Pastor Chris has affected millions.

With the God Embassy providing the basis for his great works, Pastor Chris has journeyed around the world, delivering God’s word to any hearing his words may reach. Through Pastor Chris’s tutelage, the Embassy continues to expand with churches and campus fellowships all over Pastor Oyakhilome the world. The curate is celebrated for his healing crusades like the Night of Happiness and the Higher Life summit. A staggering 3.5 million followers are noted to show up to get a single one nighttime occasion.

The Embassy, also known as the Believers’ LoveWorld, will keep on to bring the principles of God doctrines to the whole world. Functioning underneath the edict that God includes a purpose for all of US, expect Pastor Chris and his world ministry to play Chris Oyakhilome their role in assisting the ready Chris Oyakhilome notice the Reality.


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