The Man Behind the Pulpit: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The majority people are aware of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. We all know that he is an evangelical Christian Pastor Oyakhilome minister centered out of Lagos, Nigeria and that he’s the founder and pastor of the favorite Jesus Embassy Chapel therein Lagos. In addition , we know that his ministry impacts substantially more than Africa; it reaches the planet. Despite all that people realize about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, here are six, possibly surprising, things that you didn’t know relating to this beloved pastor:

This Afterwards became Followers Loveworld Inc., which later made way for Christ Embassy Chapel.

His television station was a leader for international outreach. His stop, LoveWorld TV, was the very first of its type in Africa, providing 24-hour programming to people in Africa and around the globe. He now has three Pastor Chris television channels to achieve the masses: LoveWorld SAT, LoveWorld TV, and LoveWorld Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Plus.

Actually, his daily devotion publication, Worlds of Rhapsody, has been translated into 667 dialects. He provides perhaps not only books but also inspiring messages, which can be found on DVD and CD.

He is a lot more than a curate. When he’s not in the pulpit or making public performances, he has many additional interests. Some include video, news and publication, audio, and real estate.

Pastor Bob h-AS more than 1.3 million fans on Twitter! That makes him Pastor Oyakhilome the most followed individual in Africa. Regardless of the truth that he does not follow anyone, unlike additional influential frontrunners, his following is however devoted. His twitter screen name Chris Oyakhilome is @PastorChrisLive.

This man knows the energy interpersonal networking. So normally, he produced his own social network website referred to as Yookos. It’s accessible alone on Windows and Android phones.

He is a well-rounded, innovative, and productive figure within Africa and around the planet. What probably started in a school hall h AS far overtaken its modest beginnings. Now, Pastor Bob along with his dedicated following are in a position to go away to the entire world and change lives once and for all.


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