Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Dwelling for the Word of God

Bound to the the decision of God, Chris Oyakhilome obediently founded Believer’s LoveWorld, or as it’s better known, God Embassy. In the quarter-century since, the man affectionately referred to as Pastor Chris continues to be praised for pioneering Bible-based Christian ministry from Lagos to the United Kingdom and beyond.

You can find Pastor Joe using any path available to him – printing, television, radio, Net – to give the whole world what is possible when you work together with God. In Pastor Oyakhilome the same way Lord Jesus Christ preached God the Father orders to any or all nations, s O will Joe Oyakhilome and also the Christ Embassy leave no stone unturned to do the same. It is a faith-based assignment to enhance the Chris Oyakhilome planet, from the indigent child to the disenfranchised adult.

From the start, Pastor Chris wanted to simply share God’s baronial existence with the Oyakhilome entire world. He has managed to disperse a burning vision, showing any walk of existence their inheritance in Christ. In other words, showcasing the character of the Nature in each of us and just how each people is an example of His love and enjoyment to relieve the pain nowadays. For his effort and devotion, the parson loved the love of God to be seen in folks. His fire has birthed a still widening community of fellowships and churches on five continents. The Christ Embassy International Ministry reaches out to millions together with the revelation of God’s word.

Pastor Joe good functions have spread past the pews. He has launched numerous programs that reach out to the lost and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome distressed, to the proud young who have to know we desire them to be great leaders, and academic applications, including the International School of Ministry, an institute for coming to your more profound understanding of God and distributing the Gospel of everlasting Pastor Oyakhilome life in Jesus Christ.


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