{Pastor Chris Makes a Rebellious Opinion About Abortion and Rape

astor Chris Oyakhilome has provided a voice to several victims of assault in a sense that’s a little contentious to religious fundamentalists. The curate of a Megachurch in Nigeria, who has additional churches around the globe, merely offered an opinion regarding victims of sexual abuse and abortion.

The pastor believes that no child ought here to be forced to the world through this evil action. He more bases his view about the truth that the Bible does not specifically state that the rape victim should retain the kid.

It will come to no surprise that the see here curate’s remarks were met Oyakhilome with some controversy, although they were also met with fervent help. Those who didn’t agree with what the pastor said responded by saying abortion is akin to murder.

The parson did not back from his assertions regarding assault plus a woman choosing to have abortion. There is no doubt published that, as a curate, his position on this particular issue had not been likely to be the hottest, but in addition, it highlights the reality this religious head does not mince his words or does he back off from a challenge.

One thing is for sure, the curate has not discovered the final opinion regarding his remarks. There will be a couple of negative remarks, however you will see favorable comments also.

The religious leader’s comments will most likely not alter the way many Christians or Catholics believe about the subject, but it definitely demonstrates there’s a part of the religious community that’s eager to really have a helpful debate about the topic. It’s especially Chris Oyakhilome very important to discuss about that subject in Nigeria where abortion is legal when the lady li Fe is in risk. Nigeria is regarded as one of the strictest nations in reference to abortion, therefore Pastor Oyakhilome’s remarks can be viewed brave if not rebellious.


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